Sunday, June 8, 2008

Favorite CDs for Teaching Spanish to Children

Los Algos
This CD by a group from Spain, is a collection of the songs from their TV series for children (Spain). There are 2 CDs. Ages 2-8.


Created by Sarah Brachas, a former teacher in Arizona/USA, this CD is a compilation of 20 traditional and some original songs. The lyrics are included which makes it easier to follow along for any teacher/student. The songs are highly recommended for bicultural/bilingual students, but can be used to teach Spanish foreign language also. K-2nd grades.

Diez Deditos by José Luis Orozco
This is Mr. Orozco’s most famous CD! Many years ago, I used this CD to teach Spanish to Pre-K and even my 4th grades were asking for it. The students loved it! A true hit! K to 2nd grades.

Lírica Infantil
Another creation by José Luis Orozco
This one is less famous, but I love it because songs are catchy and it’s great for students in the Pre-K and K levels due to it’s repetition of new vocabulary. It’s a fun way to introduce the language to new learners ages 2-5.

Baby Eistein, Música por todas partes
I think this one is definitely worth the purchase. It’s actually a book with nature scenes accompanied by beautiful music. Students will be able to answer questions such as:
¿Qué sonido hace la lluvia? ¿Unos caballos galopando en un verde prado? ¿Qué sonido hace el mar…las abejas, el corazón...? Newborn to Kinder.

Los Lunis Dame tu mano, el baile del verano
This is the latest CD created by Los Lunis, a musical group from Spain. Children in Spain go ga-ga for them! Their songs are catchy, fun, and upbeat! If you’d like, check them out in

There are so many great CDs out there, I couldn’t possibly include all. But as I’m thinking of the summer, I thought children might enjoy listening to any of these on their way to the beach, park or wherever the sun may take you!

The music listed here can be purchased:
In the USA,

In Spain,


Karen said...

Thank you for this post! I have also been looking for Spanish language cds for my children to listen to at home. One our favorites is "Fiesta Musical: A Musical Adventure Through Latin America for Children."

Profesora de español said...

Hola Karen!

Thank you for your recommendation.
FIESTA MUSICAL, by Emilio Delgado ("Luis" from Sesame Street) is great! The traditional and contemporary songs in this collection makes this CD excellent for children learning Spanish.

The CD includes the Spanish/English translations, making it easier for monolingual parents.

I particularly like the various instruments from Latin America---maracas, charango, and others I can't remember at the moment--- making fun sounds!

Children love this CD! Thanks for sharing it, Karen.

Profesora de español said...
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bananaphone said...

Thank you--these look great!
Do you happen to know of a CD that has the Spanish sonidos/alphabet? My daughter loved the alphabet song on the discovery kids sounds of fun CD and I'm looking for something similar in Spanish as she's such an auditory learner.

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